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The All-Too Familiar Financial Advisor Challenge

If it seems most financial advisors sound alike, it’s easily explained: 98% use the same tools, pretending they’re different and stuffing clients into one-size-fits-all solutions hoping markets cooperate. After working for major banks on Wall Street, Will Rassman has dedicated over a decade to one professional goal: Finding a better way and he’s created just that. The Prosper Point strategic advantage begins with what matters most: Preparation. We consider everything, rule out nothing; and prepare clients for all market outcomes from ideal and outstanding to shocking and devastating. 

Advisory Powered by Our Proprietary Innovation

Our investment platform is tested and trusted, featuring shrewd, proprietary algorithms, tax deferment tools, and is inspired by innovative thinking. Our vision is to maintain and grow wealth in all markets but to do it with less risk and greater transparency. This enables us to mitigate taxes, and increase liquidity, as well as ensuring retirement income and avoiding probate. It’s how Prosper Point can harvest investment opportunity more efficiently.  Then, because we measure them differently, we respond nimbly, more rapidly and with greater confidence to help our clients reach their goals faster.

A Certified Financial Planner™ That Gets it Right

Our approach is anchored in the highest ethical standards and continuing education, but setting Will apart is his primary focus on relationships, not just transactions, and a belief in listening first and advising second. Goals and values are the tip of the iceberg, not the pinnacle of the discussion. Every client relationship begins with an “Encore Interview” digging deep to learn what it will take to make sure the best years of your life are ahead of you. Strategically comprehensive wealth management with a custom fit, so you’re prepared and protected to live the life you worked hard for and deserve.  

Our Secret to Investment Success May Shock You 

Every relationship begins with discovery to understand you enabling calibration of a custom plan for stability and a less volatile path to the future you envision. Using proprietary tools and algorithms, we replace old school allocation with strategy allocation to protect your assets at all costs and grow your money in both up and down markets.  We don’t depend on technical tricks, but blend innovation with disciplined best practices. Beating the odds requires emotional detachment from the daily box score and resisting the seduction of what’s hot today so you’re steeled against panic in the next correction.

A Passion for Competition and Our Community

A former NCAA golfer and college hockey player that still takes the ice in an adult league, clients appreciate him bringing that same competitive fire to their portfolios. But that competitive fire also comes with resilience that weathers challenging markets and confidence to harvest opportunities in stronger markets. Will and his wife Svetlana, make their home in Mar Vista, along with their daughter, Annika, and wonder dog, Gopher. As a family they’re dedicated to giving back to local charities and organizations and helping to build stronger communities for all.