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When I began my career working for Wall Street financial institutions, I expected to learn a lot.  Unexpected was beyond the inner workings of high finance, what worked, didn’t and why, was a need to provide individual and corporate investors what everyone was missing.

Finding a Better Way.

A better approach that looked beyond transactions to relationships, customizing programs rather than trying to stuff people into one-size-fits-all solutions, and looking at risk/reward differently.  I began developing proprietary, data-driven algorithms I’ve refined ever since.

Three Simple Objectives.

The objective then as it remains today was investment strategies rooted in delivering broad investing advantages, including transparency, customization and flexibility with peace of mind from three refreshing but non-negotiable objectives:   Prepare, Protect and Prosper.

We’re Different By Design.

In an industry that’s crowded with advisors that all sound the same, I’m proudly different. Our world has been turned upside-down and inside-out, and while competitive realities may change, I’m convinced the guiding principles and core values that define us can’t ever.

Begin with Conversation.

We’ll first interview each other to get to know each other, and to assure we’re also a mutual good fit for each other.  I want to fully understand you as a person, your hopes and dreams for the future, but then go far beyond financial goals to a vision of the life you want to live.

It’s Clients First, Always.

My pledge is to think and act in ways putting clients first, treated as  the unique people they are, not statistics on a spreadsheet or a ticket to enriching me at their expense.  I promise to demonstrate the proof of it not just in words and marketing-speak but in deeds every day.

To Us, A Promise is a Promise.

It’s a funny thing about promises.  People make them easily but keeping them no so much.   At Prosper Point every promise made is a promise kept.  What we say we’ll do we do, and you’ll always be informed, not in the dark, and treated with the respect you deserve.

A Few Words About Lighthouses

My logo wasn’t a casual decision; it reflects a passion since childhood.  Growing up in the Midwest the Great Lakes and many rivers whose lighthouses that were sources of strength, steady illumination and hope in all weather for all mariners.  I’ve never forgotten it.

Prepare.  Protect.  Prosper.

In good times and chaotic times, Prosper Point is your beacon of light and hope, investing stability guiding us forward.  A financial lighthouse inspiring an approach preparing and protecting for all weather, so whatever comes you and your family will be safe and prosper.